How to get to Poligny

Hotel and Restaurant in Jura

Located in Barretaine, next to Poligny

Maison Zugno, nestles in the heart of the Jura, where stunning forests, lakes, waterfalls and snowy mountains compete with each other.

An completely nature destination, easily reached by train or car, perfect for a totally authentic stay.

To be experienced as a family or with friends - the conviviality of Maison Zugno.

How to get to Barretaine-Poligny

By car:

  • RN5 eastbound from Poligny, direction Les Rousses and Switzerland
  • A36 motorway from the North East
  • A39 motorway from Dijon
  • A6 motorway from Lyon

From Poligny, take RN5, direction Geneva, travel through Vaux Sur Poligny, drive for 3 minutes up the hill and the hotel is on your right-hand side.

From Geneva and Champagnole, takes the RN 5 and the A39 motorway signs in the Poligny direction, and the hotel is on your left-hand side before descending into Vaux sur Poligny.

By train:

  • SNCF station Poligny, TER lines
  • SCNF station Mouchard, TER and TGV lines
  • SNCF station Dole, TGV line

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By plane:

GPS Coordinates:

  • Latitude: 46.817323
  • Longitude: 5.739313

Main towns nearby 

Distance in kilometers between Maison Zugno at Barretaine - Poligny and:






4 km

5 mn


15 km

17 mn


25 km

26 mn


32 km

33 mn


49 km

40 mn


63 km

1 h 00

Les Rousses

66, 5 km

1 h 05


90 km

1 h 07


101 km

1 h 11


112 km

1 h 57


120 km

1 h 53


176 km

1 h 53

Tourism and activities

Hotel-restaurant Maison Zugno is the perfect starting point for discovering the Polignt region and the delights of the Jura

Your choice of nature and countryside activities, local crafts and specialism, a locality where gourmet food is represented by cheeses and other local produce, picturesque villages, monasteries….

A programm for people of all ages, whatever the season.

A natural heritage

  • The waterfalls of the Hérisson and the “Lac de Chalain”
  • The “des Tufs” waterfalls
  • The 4 lakes of the Haut Jura
  • The “Mont Poupet”
  • The Lison river

An architectural wonder

  • Chateau Chalon
  • Baume les Messieurs

Sport and Outdoors

  • Cycling routes
  • Rock climbing
  • Cross country and downhill skiing
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